Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding  & Williams Counties
Original and Exclusive, TV you won’t see anywhere else.

Broadcast Television serving Northwest Ohio.


Tune in for Sunday morning preaching and worship.


Channel 26 analog over the air, Ch. 19 on Time Warner, R-TEC,
BMU and McClure Cable, Ch. 26 on Sherwood & Arthur Cable System

The New Channel 26 is on the Way!

The days of a “snowy” WNHO picture are numbered as the station converts to a new HD
signal. The transmission site is located just east of Sherwood and will host both a new
transmitter and antenna.

UPDATE (August 20): A tower crew is scheduled to install the antenna the week of August
26 th. This date could move depending on the company’s timetable in completing other
projects. The transmitter building has been installed and the state-of-the-art transmitter has
been delivered to the site. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has notified us that the
transmitter cannot be commissioned until late September or October due to a backlog of
installations around the nation.

The FCC has mandated that over 1000 TV stations change frequencies within a three-year
period. This has caused an avalanche of equipment orders and demand for tower crews that
the industry is having difficulty meeting. Thank you for your patience as do everything within
our power to convert WNHO to a new HD signal.

When the WNHO build-out is complete, all OTA viewers will need to rescan their TV set in order to receive the new signal. The channel lineup will appear as the following:
26.1 WNHO (Northwest Ohio Community Programming)
26.2 WTLW (Lima Christian TV)
26.3 WOSN (West Ohio Sports Network)


Find Out More About ACTS44

In Acts Chapter 3, Peter and John healed a crippled beggar. They then seized an opportunity to spread the Good News to the gathering crowd, who were amazed by the healing. Acts 4:4 tells us that their teaching led to an increase in the number of believers: as many as 5,000 had become new converts through their “logos,” or as we would say today, the message. This idea of spreading the message of the Gospel has been core to WTLW since our founding in 1982. In essence, WTLW is Acts 44. Read more here.