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Dear Friend of TV-44, 

WTLW will make the first of three technical changes on Friday, April 12th at 9 am.  At that time, Channel 44 will move to a new temporary frequency. Although channel 44 will still appear on your program guide, the signal will actually be transmitting over channel 17. If you rescan your TV today, hopefully you will see WTLW and WOSN on 17.1 and 17.2. This means you will be able to receive WTLW on April 12 after we make the change. However, you will need to rescan your TV on April 12 to pick up the WTLW signal (enclosure). 

The second change is scheduled for late May. We are currently fundraising to build-out WNHO, channel 26, a station currently broadcasting in analog from Sherwood, Ohio. WNHO, TV-26 will simulcast WTLW and WOSN programming. We will notify you of when WNHO goes on the air with its new HD signal.  

The final change is the build-out of VHF channel 4 on the WTLW tower in late June. The current channel 44 antenna will be removed and the new channel 4 antenna will be installed. WTLW will permanently broadcast over channel 4 in the background and remain channel 44 on your TV program guide.  This VHF signal has different propagation characteristics than UHF, and requires an outdoor antenna capable of receiving a VHF signal.  

WOIW, channel 17 and WNHO, channel 26 will continue to simulcast both WTLW and WOSN.

I realize this can be all very confusing. Please feel free to contact me with any 

questions at 419-339-4444 or email at

Have a Christ-filled Easter, and thank you for your prayers and financial support.


Kevin Bowers

General Manager